Other Accessories

Support Angles

These support angles are designed for equipment which are 19″ compatible and need to be supported along their depth. They are supplied in pairs and are rated for 50 kgs & 100 kgs load.

Telescopic Slides are meant for the housing of rack-mount electronic equipment in 19” enclosure systems. They are particularly useful in applications where equipment needs to be drawn outside the main system cabinet for maintenance or replacement. Three basic types of Telescopic Slides are available to suit different application needs. Aluminum three-section ball bearing slides can support up to 70 kgs at full extension and are corrosion resistant. The simple friction type steel slides are suitable for load up to 30 kgs while high quality steel ball bearing slides areavailable for a variety of load-ratings and applications.

Telescopic Slides

19" Equipment Mounting Angles

Equipment Mounting Angles are supplied in pairs to provide 19” mounting positions. Square slots designed to accept captive cage Nuts are located on universal centers. These Mounting Angles can be attached directly to the corner posts of the cabinets, or to the horizontal supports provided. With this arrangement front-to-rear adjustment is possible throughout the depth of the cabinets, so as to provide recessing from front and rear doors. These 19″ mounting angles are included in the scope of supply and need not be ordered separately.

Steel Storage Drawer for Racks & Cabinets 2U, 3U, 4U

Ventilation Units

Castor Wheels

Leveling Feet

Blank Panels

Note: Brackets for different sizes are available for the products and also for Customized Products