Rack Shelving

Cantilever Shelves

These shelves are useful for light, non-19” wide equipment. They are fixed to the front mounting angles and have a load capacity of 20 kgs. They occupy 2U height. Available in depths, 250, 350 or 450.

Sliding shelves are provided with telescopic slides for 19”mounting. These are useful when equipment placed on the shelves is to be drawn out for easy accessibility during servicing. Load capacity is 35 kg’s for 1U shelves and 100 kg’s for the 2U shelves.

Sliding Shelves

Available in depths 550 and 750.

Universal Shelf

The Universal Shelf is provided with a separate pair of mounting brackets for the rear which make it possible to adapt to different mounting dimensions between the 19”vertical angles.

Fixed Shelf

Available in any depth starting from 500 up0to 900

Rotary Keyboard Tray

The rotary keyboard tray is ideal for 19” cabinets. This tray ensures that the keyboard can be easily drawn out and used, even when it is wider than the entry into the rack. There is also enough room for a mouse to be placed on the tray.