Slotted angle racks are used in manufacture of heavy-duty and light-duty shelving, desks, shelves or other goods that match customers’ requirements, ideas and preferences. They are made of cold-rolled tin, 2mm thick in the 60×40 and 40×40 L-profile. Standard length of a profile is 2000mm or 2500mm if made to special order. The racks are screw-connected.


Shelving racks are composed of screw-connected assembly stands and shelf beams in which metal or wooden parts can be inserted.

Product specifications:

  • Rack depths: 400-1000 mm
  • Rack heights: 2000-6000 mm
  • Shelf beam lengths: 1000-2000 mm
  • Load-bearing capacity: depending on beam length, up to 400 kg (max)